Specialising in art direction and storytelling, I find my passion in crafting compelling narratives through visual mediums, including motion graphics, 3D design, and illustration. My professional journey started within a studio environment upon earning a Bachelor's degree in Digital Arts. Post-graduation, I fully embraced a freelance career with close collaborations with studios in the Czech Republic, Canada, and with clients  anywhere around the world.
This diverse journey has afforded me the opportunity to connect with inspiring people around the globe, gain profound insights, and accumulate heaps of creative inspiration. Presently based in Prague, Czech Republic, I am poised to offer top-tier services across a spectrum of content creation. I love my work and I invite you to become part of this creative journey.
Since 2014, I have also been an integral part of the distinguished studio, __STROY
Contact me for inquiries and collaboration or just to say hi.