multipurpose 3D animated video

Cermitech is a Czech start up modernizing manufacturing processes with industry 4.0 approach. Connecting software and hardware in all kinds of industries to make production more effective, safe, functional and autonomous.

The company approached us to create visual identity and establish a base for its brand. As a part of the visual identity was needed a video as a website header, fill various gaps on the website, fill in the time before presentation starts and other purposes. Since most of their projects are under NDAs and hardly anything is possible to shoot live, we went with 3D animation. Infinitely scalable loop was the best format to fit all the purposes. With number of details that viewer's eye can get caught on and follow.

Video is a part of a brand identity created by __STROY studio

The whole composition was build on a new logo and expands it into fictional manufacturing process using all kinds of technologies that Cermitech uses.
Material, Lighting set up & Modeling

To create such a complex environment it is necessary to have high quality rigged models. Some of them were created from scratch, some were modified from model banks

To achieve more believable seemingly infinite loop it was necessary to animate all the movements asynchronous so it takes longer for the viewer to catch on a movement pattern. All was assembled after render in After Effects and colored properly.
Final video

Final video is a loop that serves as a base for various other outputs and different uses. It can also be dissected for the web and will be use as a part of the whole visual identity.

Thank you for watching!

Contains purchased, heavily modified models by these contributors, friends and artists
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